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Theta Zeta Sigma

Alaska’s Theta Zeta Sigma Alumni Chapter founded October 11, 1982, Bro. Demetrius Newton, Nat’l President; Bro. Anthony Samad, Western Regional Director Charter members: Bro. William B. Covington, Bro. Winston H. Henderson, Bro. Henry L. Heyward, Bro. James E. McCollum, and Bro. Ivory Wilson(deceased) 1st Chapter President: Bro. Ivory Wilson

The Gathering:

Bro. Wilson and Bro. Covington were neighbors. Bro. Wilson and Bro. Covington met as Ivory drove down the street and saw Nikki’s fraternity license plate frame. Ivory new of Henry and James, and Bro. Covington new of Winston. We called a meeting and the rest is history. Contact Theta Zeta Sigma at alaskasigma.org


President:  Christopher Golden








Vice President:  John Dyson








Sect’y & Treasurer:  Jeff Williams



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